Jaggery (Gur)  For Women/Men

India’s most favorite and largest used sweetener is jaggery which has ability to digest food properly as well as cleanse whole body by removing toxins. It is very healthy as it contains high quantity of required minerals, vitamins, iron and etc healthy nutrients. Some of the outstanding health benefits of the jaggery are mentioned below:

Benefits of Jaggery for Blood
Purifies Blood:-
It helps in purifying whole blood if regularly consumed.

Prevents from Blood Disorders:-
It helps in enhancing total blood hemoglobin count and boosts immunity thus prevents from many blood related problems and disorders.

Benefits of Jaggery for Digestion

Reduces Risk of Digestive Disorders:-
Gur is a very good digestive agent helps in maintaining proper digestive system functioning and improving digestion by reducing digestive disorders.

Stimulates Digestive Enzyme Secretion:-
It stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and gets converted to the acetic acid in stomach thus speeds up the digestion process by reducing overload of digestive tract.

Regulates Proper Bowel Movements:-
Jaggery provides relief from the indigestion, flatulence, intestinal worms and constipation by stimulating the proper bowel movements.

Benefits of Jaggery for Bones
It properly nourishes and strengthens the bones and joints by reducing joints pain and other bone problems.

Beauty Benefits of Jaggery/Benefits of Jaggery for Skin
Provides Proper Nourishment to Skin:-
Its richness in the vitamins and minerals makes it able to nourish the whole body especially skin. It provides skin smooth, healthy, hydrated and glowing look.

Cures Pimples and Acne:-
It makes skin free of wrinkles and spots free by curing problems of pimple and acne.

Benefits of Jaggery for Women
Cures Menstrual Problems:-
It helps in curing various menstrual problems among women by providing relief from the stomach pain during periods.

Prevents from Anemia:-
Its richness in the iron and folates helps during pregnancy and prevents from anaemia by maintaining the normal level of red blood cells. It is a source of instant energy thus prevents from weakness and tiredness.

Benefits of Jaggery for Men

Improves Quality Sperm Production:-
Eating gur with amla powder on regular basis helps in enhancing quality and quantity of semen, reducing weakness, energizing body and treating urinary disorders among men.

Benefits of Jaggery for Weight Loss
Reduces Water Retention:-
Its high level minerals content especially high potassium level helps in managing weight by reducing the extra water retention in the body.

Improves Body Metabolism:-
Potassium helps maintaining the electrolyte balance, building muscles as well as improving metabolism thus aids in weight loss.

Benefits of Jaggery for Hair
Improves Iron Absorption:-
Jaggery is the rich source of iron which should be eaten with the vitamin C rich foods as it enhances the absorption of iron in the body. Vitamin C rich foods are lemon juice, amla, guavas and etc. It is very good source of getting healthy, long, smooth, black and strong hair.

Provides Natural Beauty to Hair:-
It is considered that applying the paste of jaggery, fuller’s earth and curd on the scalp twice a month before shampooing makes hair naturally beautiful and long.


Surprised benefits of Jaggery. 1.Digestion - Eating small piece of jaggery makes faster and smoother your digestion 2.Blood Purification - It is not only sweet agent but helps in Human blood purification 3.Instant Energy - In case of feeling weakness, playing outdoor games; Jaggery is the source to boost your energy 4.Cough and Cold - Powder of black pepper and natural jaggery/kakvi helps to cure Cough and Cold 5.Rich source of - Glucose,Calcium,Iron,Phosphorus,Many Vital Minerals 6.Weight Loss - Due to high minerals level, manages weight by reducing extra water level in body 7.Fare skin - Vitamins and mineral richness helps to make skin fair and smother.

Beta Version

Natural Jaggery (Gud) is not only sweet agent in kitchen but its very good medicine.

Why natural?

Now days jaggery(Gud) comes in whitish color; do u know how this color comes?
This is the "Nirma/Ariel ki safedi"; because people are "eating through the eyes not through the

Natural Jaggery comes dark in color, but taste is very sweet (not salty). 

Panna (Green mango Juice) is one of the recipe which made from raw mango and Jaggery(Gud).

This Panna (Green Mango Juice) prevents you from heat stroke and keeps the body cool.
As green mangoes are rich source of vitamin c and iron, plus the natural jaggery also gives an iron boost.
It helps in preventing stomach problems in the summers.

Raw Mango Curry is also recipe which can be made through jaggery(Gud).